Red velvet cupcakes

A short blog post about these red velvet cupcakes I was inspired to make after reading this blog: The Oven Mitt.
I had heard of red velvet cake before but never eaten it. So, seen as though it looked totally delicious, I decided to make it. Even the long list of ingredients didn’t put me off.
A few notes on this… First, I totally relied on my US cups to measure the ingredients, without trying to convert the quantities to grams or ounces. It was odd. Measuring the butter in the cup, how do you know if you’ve filled all the cup?! With liquids and flour it’s easy, but harder with butter (or stork, that I used). Am I missing something?
Secondly, I was struggling to find white distilled vinegar in the shop. I had while distilled malt vinegar so I didn’t know how different this might be to “white distilled vinegar”! Either way, it’s only 1/4 teaspoon so it’s nothing to be too concerned with – I can’t imagine that small quantity affected the flavour. It fizzes nicely with the bicarb of soda.

Thirdly: buttermilk is sold in 200ml containers. I didn’t need all of it. What to do with the leftovers?

And here they are, fresh from the oven.


They look so tasty in red. And they were quite good. I’ll make these again.

If you read the recipe from The Oven Mitt, you’ll know she also filled them with cherry and topped with cream cheese frosting. I did not bother with the cherry filling, but did attempt the icing. I didn’t use the quantities/method in the recipe, but another one. It didn’t turn out that well – too runny – so I guess I should have stuck to the Oven Mitt recipe! But here’s a pic of the few I did ice:


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3 Responses to Red velvet cupcakes

  1. Nice job! This sounds like it was quite a baking adventure for you! I’m starting to see Blue Velvet cake here now as well. I believe it’s the same recipe as Red Velvet, but with blue food coloring instead. Not sure the point of that. Anyway, how did they taste with the malt vinegar? It’s funny, white distilled vinegar is very abundant here. I often have to hunt for malt vinegar. I’m sure, like you wrote, that such a small amount couldn’t have made a difference. Regarding using US measurements for butter, pretty much all of the butter/margarine I’ve ever purchased here in the US has measurements printed on the wrappers of the sticks of butter/margarine. So, you just cut it at the measurement line to get 1/2 cup or so on. Lastly, make pancakes with the leftover buttermilk! ( Enjoy your yummy-looking cupcakes!

    • foodienelly says:

      Yeah you couldn’t taste the vinegar at all so I don’t think it made any difference if was white malt vinegar or white distilled vinegar!
      There were quite good. Unfortunately (as I made these a couple weeks ago but timed-delayed the blog) I didn’t end up using the buttermilk but you are right – pancakes would have been the best option for the leftovers! I have a mix from Crate & Barrell.

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