Cheese and wine… #4

The final post about our cheese and wine night…

Cheese and wine 7: Gruyere and sauterne

Now, who doesn’t like Gruyere? Not normally matched with Sauterne but as it is quite a salty cheese, like Stilton is, the Sauterne worked really well. We did a vote at the end of the night of which was the best overall cheese and wine match and this was the winner. Three votes!

Yum, yum yum is all that can be said about this.

Cheese and wine 8: White stilton and Taylors LBV 2007

If you have a cheese and wine night, you have to have stilton. It is a necessity. But this went a bit different with a white stilton. Unusual… is all that really can be said. Didn’t taste of stilton at all, and not all that great to be honest. I didn’t dislike it, but I wasn’t a fan either. I guess the only expression is “meh”! It was matched with an LBV, which was a good port (but you know it’s not going to be a good morning if you end the night with a port!).

So that’s it! Not especially insightful posts about the cheese and wine (a problem when you don’t write detailed notes as you go along!) but at least we’ll remember what we’ve tried.

I look forward to the next one, possibly in February… bring on the cheese!

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