Cheese and wine… #3

Third post about our cheese and wine night…

Cheese and wine 5: Drunken cheese (merlot) and Sauvignon blanc

The second drunken cheese of the night (the first was the L’Affine) and this one was a hard cheese and had been “bathed” in merlot. You can also get cheeses bathed in white wine or prosecco. This was (unsurprisingly) a great cheese and I think one of the best matches with the fig. I think this fig was the star of the evening!


The wine was a sauvignon blanc called Makutu (New Zealand). Great wine, ok cheese and wine match.

Cheese and wine 6: Coolea and Quinta des Seten Costas

Coolea is a hard Irish cheese – very hard! I think the cheese knife struggled to get through it (and I think, when it was purchased, the cheese wire broke!) … excellent tasting, but when paired with the fig, it transformed completely! It made it sweeter and a little fudge like. Really delicious!

The red wine it was paired with was a good wine but really the hero was the match with the fig.

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2 Responses to Cheese and wine… #3

  1. I think we should all be bathed in Merlot, white wine or Prosecco. Cheese shouldn’t have all the fun.

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