Cheese and wine… #2

The next post about our cheese and wine night… and straight onto our third match:

Cheese and wine 3: L’Affine au Chablis and Chablis

This was the match which I brought. I was the first customer in Cheese @ Leadenhall that morning, perhaps a little too early… and I just wanted something interesting. And this looked interesting enough!

It is one of those cheeses which pretty much gets more liquid inside the longer you leave it out. The natural match with this cheese was a Chablis… the 2009 Chablis I brought reeked of asparagus but was not a bad wine. However, it was not a great match. It didn’t really do anything to the cheese and visa versa. Next!

Cheese and wine 4: Vacherin Mont D’Or and Chardonnay Pays D’Oc

A cheese brought by Ruth, and I have immediately forgotten the great story that comes along with it. Sorry! But as you can see from the picture, its a soft (very soft) cheese. Very tasty (although to be honest, I don’t think there was one cheese I disliked!)

The cheese went wonderfully with the fig. Delicious! The (unoaked) chardonnay was a good wine and overall a good match.

Next post will see matches 5 and 6…

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