Cheese and wine…. #1

This is the first of a series of posts about a cheese and wine night held in my flat recently. It won’t be in depth commentary on the cheeses and wines, more photos of them and if they tasted good!

A few years ago, myself and two others realised we all loved wine and especially loved cheese, and on this basis, decided to get together to have an evening of just consuming cheese and wine. The idea was simple: we would each bring two cheeses and two wines, with the idea that the wines might “match” the cheese in some way. We had a few nights like this, some with a few of us, some with more folk joining in. We started a Facebook group. I created a cheese wiki, we even put a video on YouTube of some stinking bishop. We had fun.

And this weekend, we re-started our cheese and wine nights, after a year or so off (for no reason, I guess we are just busy people!) and the fun continued. And it was a cheese night of two firsts: one: a man attended (shock, horror!*); two: it was not hosted by Ruth. But neither of these new things lessened the enjoyment of the cheese and wine.

The evening, traditionally, always begins with a baked camembert and accompaniments to get us into the cheese feast. We also had a small amount of spinach and artichoke dip, that was leftover from my flat warming.

Cheese and wine 1: Chaumes and a dry white port

Chaumes was a really tasty cheese. I think it can be said we all enjoyed this cheese. It also worked really well with the white port – the cheese made the port milder and took off some of the edge off the port. The cheese also went very well with a fig accompaniment we had, which was the highlight of the evening.

Cheese and wine 2: West Sussex Farmhouse Cheddar and Sauvignon Blanc (Milford Point)

The cheddar was delicious, and we were all in agreement that this was also an excellent cheese. It also worked well with the fig. The wine it went with was not the best match, but there were no complaints! The wine was quite fruity (green apple if my memory serves) and nice on its own.

The next post will be about cheeses 3 and 4… Watch this space!

* Just kidding! He was more than welcome!

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3 Responses to Cheese and wine…. #1

  1. OMG, you are such a librarian with a cheese wiki! LOVE IT! There are few things better than a good old wine and cheese tasting. I need to see if I can find that Milford Point wine here, I love a good Sauvignon Blanc.

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