Apple crumble

Last weekend I tried my first crumble. Before you wonder how I got to my age without making one, I should say it’s my first crumble I remember. We made them in school, I’m sure, but I’m pretty sure I’ve not made one since!
So I did some research for the perfect recipe and luckily The Guardian had done the work for me, as part of a series of articles where they look at making the perfect something.
Some points to note: I reckon about one bramley apple is more than enough per person; you don’t need much water when softening them (they don’t need to be covered in water but a lid helps!); and custard is truly the best accompaniment to crumble!
I didn’t do very well on my crumble topping. I’ve said before I think I have too warm hands to make decent pastry, and the same principle here for making the “breadcrumbs” of butter/flour. Very quickly my butter had softened too much so I had to leave it in the fridge to harden before trying again just before adding the sugar.
I do think my crumble was too buttery but overall, yum!
Here’s the pic:


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One Response to Apple crumble

  1. Very nice. I didn’t realize that crumble was a “national treasure” in the UK, as the Guardian blog stated. I like the side of custard. I don’t think I’ve seen that before here in the US. I want to compare a UK and US apple crumble recipe to see how they are the same/different, just out of curiosity. Looks delicious, too much butter or not!

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