Caramel & chocolate brownies

This weekend I got back into baking, after being too busy recently to bake much. So first up were these caramel & chocolate brownies.
I needed to use up some Carnation caramel which I had left over. I thought of caramel apple crumble (as I was intending to make apple crumble) but that may have been too sweet.
I sought inspiration from the Carnation website and their recipes and I came across this one. Brownies are simple, right?
Simple enough and all seemed to go well, other than the amount of washing up (separate bowl to melt chocolate & butter!). I included the optional walnuts and all the chocolate (200g!). These are not healthy brownies. And once the mixture is in the pan, you swirl in the caramel. Less swirling, more dolloping and mixing!
And here they are (well, one piece anyway)… I think they looked a little over done on the top (darker brown than I would have liked) but still tasted good and some parts still gooey.


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2 Responses to Caramel & chocolate brownies

  1. This made me laugh, “These are not healthy brownies.” Are there any healthy brownies?! Slightly overdone brownies can provide a crispness that really enhances the texture. These look great and I’m sure they taste amazing. I am digging the Carnation UK website you linked to. So many great recipes that I need to try, like Quick Banoffee Pie!

    • foodienelly says:

      Ha ha, true, there are no healthy brownies, but these seemed particularly unhealthy!
      My bro made me a no fuss banoffee (which was why I had left over caramel): bashed up digestive biscuits, sliced banana, Carnation caramel, whipped cream, crumbled Cadbury Flake or Twirl. Totally yum & v quick.

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