Nutella cupcakes – with icing!

Last post relating to things I made for my flat warming!
I’ve made nutella cupcakes before (see post about chocolate fondant cupcakes) but never with icing. I rarely use icing as it won’t freeze but as I had a feeling these may all go, I knew I could run the risk of icing them.
So. Same recipe as I used in June from the Primrose Bakery book. But this time I didn’t bother warming the nutella so it would be easier to swirl into the batter. I just developed a technique, using a wooden skewer, to push dollops of nutella into the batter and swirl it around.


That was the easy part! I then tried the nutella icing, which is melted chocolate, double cream, vanilla essence, and nutella. Now something went wrong with my icing, and I’m not entirely sure what! Maybe my chocolate was heated too much, or I didn’t let it cool enough before adding the cream & vanilla, but it all went a bit grainy and not the smooth icing depicted in the book! [Update: see comments as to possible mistake made]. Many people kindly said they couldn’t see what was wrong but I could!! Luckily the icing tasted good and solidified nicely on the top of the cake.
So here they are! Some un-iced, some with icing.


And here’s just one by itself where you can see how grainy the icing was:


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  1. foodienelly says:

    Update: I have since learnt, thanks to kind advice from @KatefromUK, that I should have had the cream at room temperature before adding to the chocolate when making the icing. This should have prevented the grainy texture that I eventually got.

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