Thai style crab cakes

So for my flat warming I had intended to serve up some of these Thai prawn & crab cakes my mum had made me a couple of weeks before. They are really flavoursome but a bit delicate.
I made them the night before and tested out cooking some before people arrived… Sadly, they fell apart and really not suitable finger food. So they remained in the fridge, slowing stinking it out with the garlic & ginger aromas they were giving off!
I think they needed some breadcrumbs added to bind them better together. The recipe didn’t call for them as it was a Slimmer’s World one, and I’m guessing bread is banned or limited to fit with the diet. I may make then again and try adding breadcrumbs just to see if they hold.
I won’t reproduce the recipe here (what is the copyright on recipes?) but can share if you fancy it. Basically contains prawns (or shrimp to those from the US), crab (tinned or fresh), chilli, garlic, ginger, spring onions, lemon zest (although I used lime) and coriander. Yum! The recipe made about 16 small cakes (so four each). I’ve frozen most of them in batches to defrost & cook when needed.
Here’s the pic:


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