Summer fish pie

After a small break from posts (sign of a bad blogger, I feel, is irregular posts, but can’t be helped) I recently made this Summer Fish Pie. It looked so good in the photo, I went ahead with making it, according to the instructions, without really paying much attention to the “serves 10” (and bearing in mind there is only me to feed!)… I thought I’d be ok but my pan wasn’t big enough for the potatoes! Lucky I decided to not cook the entire 1.5kg bag but just 1kg of them. And lucky I like big portions which meant serves 10 turned out to be serves 7 and I had enough containers!
One thing that didn’t work for me was their method of thickening with corn flour. I found mixing the cornflour with the hot sauce made it go too thick, too quickly and didn’t actually then mix in the main sauce. If I make this again I’ll mix the cornflour with cold water (and halve the quantity!). I’ll also par-boil the green beans as some remained too crunchy for my liking.
Overall though, very good. Nice flavours. Here’s the pic!


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