Leek, Gruyere & mushroom quiche

The other week I made my first quiche from scratch. I never attempted shortcrust pastry before – mostly because my ex-flatmate made it all the time & was awesome at it – and I had heard you needed cold hands. Maybe I had mentioned this before but I have warm hands which are not conducive to pastry making.
Anyway. Pastry attempt number one. I wasn’t sure at this stage if pastry was too wet or too dry:


Regardless of concerns I went ahead with my blind baking. Now, while I couldn’t see any holes in my uncooked pastry, after blind baking, a small crack had appeared:


It wasn’t major, and there really wasn’t anything I could do at this stage, so I added my filling of Gruyere, leeks and mushrooms. And after baking, here’s the finished quiche:


The quiche was really nice. Some of the pastry was a little well done (not burnt just very dark brown!!) but it was only the exposed bits round the edge. And the pastry might have been a little dry – it tended to flake a bit when I ate it.
I’ll definitely make this again but maybe not the pastry itself (shop bought is easiest!). And the filling was really quite rich so I may try a lighter version with single cream.
And for those interested, this recipe came from an issue of BBC Good Food which had a two-page spread dedicated to quiches. It may well be online.

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