Another long bank holiday weekend – this time thanks to the Queen’s Jubilee – and another day of cooking… I managed to miss all the Jubilee celebrations, as I was at a friend’s wedding in Bradford on Avon, so back in London with two days off to spend with food… Today is my own attempts, tomorrow will be round at a good friend’s for a BBQ, providing the weather holds!

And so back to today. Me and pastry don’t always mix, and often my attempts at quiches and tarts haven’t worked out so well. They have always been with shop-bought pastry as I was too afraid of trying to make pastry myself. I understand you need to have cold hands, which I don’t, so I’ll use that as another one of my reasons! But today, throwing caution to the wind, I dived into pastry making with a “rough puff” from Hugh’s Veg Everyday book (yes,another one from his book!) to create some potato and squash pasties.

The pastry itself wasn’t as hard as I thought. I had imagined lots of rubbing of butter and flour together, but this was actually quite simple. Cold cubes of butter with flour, add some iced water to make a dough, then roll out with some simple folding. And relatively easy to work with… I got four pasties from the dough plus some extra which I used to make a topping for a pie made with excess filling.

So here are my pasties…

And I think this photo makes them look rather large, but that is actually true to life – they were huge!

Unfortunately, not all came out perfect… here is the one which burst open (and sadly I just had to eat it straight away) and also a picture of the subsequent pie I made.

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