Potato, rosemary and blue cheese pizza

Another one from Hugh’s Veg Everyday book… and another one using his magic dough (which I used before to make flatbreads) but this time to make pizza.

It was the first test of my oven in my new flat, to see if it would get hot enough for pizza. And if my flat would be warm enough to get the dough to rise! Well, the dough didn’t rise as much as I thought it would, but I thought that might have been due to the metal bowl I had it in, as opposed to the glass Pyrex bowl I’ve used previously. But it didn’t matter as the dough was perfectly easy to use and seemed to taste pretty good!

The recipe from Hugh makes 3 pizzas so I thought I’d make two that evening, with the intention of having the leftover pizza for lunch the next day and freezing the leftover dough. So that didn’t quite happen… The first pizza was the new potato, rosemary and blue cheese topping, which was just so delicious I ate most of it… Oops! It also had some slow cooked sliced onions on it too, but perhaps you can’t see that in this photo:

Then the next pizza I made was a traditional margherita one… I had some home-made tomato sauce, mozzarella and fresh basil. All yummy ingredients but the pizza didn’t look all that pretty so no photo of that one! It was tasty though.

Finally, I had some dough in the fridge (the third portion) that I was going to freeze. But for some reason I didn’t and the next day I ended up making a kind of calzone by filling the dough with cheese, tomato and basil and frying it in a hot pan. It may have gone a little overcooked (some blackened patches on the outside), but as I was uncertain as to how to make this, I think that was for the best and it still tasted good. I’ll definitely make it again! But sadly, no pic… what can I say – was too yummy I ate it so fast!

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