Very full tart

Since moving into my own place, I missed all the kitchenware which I shared with my housemate… one of which was her quiche dish. I am not very good at making shortcrust pastry (even with the bought, pre-rolled kind) but I still liked to give it a go. Especially as I saw her quiches all come out so well!

As a housewarming gift, my (now ex-) housemate gave me a lovely quiche dish, so I can now attempt quiches to my heart’s content. My first attempt was not a quiche, per se, but what Ottolenghi calls a “very full tart” (from his book, Plenty).

It’s basically lots of roasted veg in a tart with an egg/cream mixture to bind it, topped with feta and ricotta. Here’s a couple of pics… First a close up of the very full tart…


And next, the tart itself. I think I over cooked the pastry but at least it wasn’t soggy as a lot of my pastry is!


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