Vegan Lancashire Hotpot

I made some lovely veggie (vegan in fact) Lancashire style hotpots on the weekend. Simon Rimmer had a recipe for them in the April 2009 BBC Good Food magazine which I’d always had my eye on, but never attempted.
I was kindly given some lovely mini Le Crueset casseroles as a housewarming gift and they seemed perfect for this. A mandolin I was given a year or so ago also proved very handy for getting the potatoes sliced really thin!
So here they are… The recipe said serves 6 but I’d say it’s more like 4. And I didn’t use the veg in the recipe but substituted in some others (out went the celery and in went leeks!).


I think they tasted good but maybe better using fresh thyme (not dried like I used) and adding Madeira like the recipe said. As I didn’t have any, I used red wine instead. Possibly not the best substitute!

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