Mini Victoria sponges

Yesterday, for a friend’s housewarming I decided I would make a Victoria sponge cake. However, I had seen a recipe ages ago in The Guardian weekend magazine for mini Victoria sponge cakes, which I thought might go down so much better. And you know what? I think they did.

The recipe was a basic plain cake recipe (I think!) which was divided among 12 muffin cases, rather than into two cake tins. After baking and cooling, you slice the cakes in half horizontally and layer in some whipped cream (whipped with some icing sugar & vanilla) and sliced strawberries. Top with more cream & strawberries and you get the following little tower of yummy-ness!


They can be a bit messy to eat but they are truly gorgeous! I may sound a little big headed saying that but the thanks really goes completely to the person who wrote the recipe (and I’m not sure who but it was in the Weekend supplement to the Guardian on 7 May 2011).

I’ll update this post once I’m connected up to broadband (this post is brought to you via 3G) and I’ve found the recipe online.

UPDATE: The recipe for these is by Lorraine Pascale, and featured in summer picnics in the Weekend supplement to the Guardian.

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