Macaroni cheese

One of my favourite dishes is macaroni cheese. It’s a dish that started off strictly macaroni and plus cheese sauce but graduated to addition of tomato in the top, using any pasta shape I had rather than macaroni, and then to using a mixture of cheeses.
Yesterday, with no energy to head to the shops, it was store cupboard time & leftovers. Take one half leftover red onion, butter, flour, milk, penne pasta plus some small pasta shapes to make up the weight, cheddar cheese, Parmesan & some blue cheese.
I have to say, adding the red onion was a genius idea & from now on all my cheese sauces for pasta will contain it. And I decided to top half with just Parmesan, and the other with the blue cheese, just to compare them.
Here’s the dish:

I’d also say this was the dish I got to try out some kitchen-related presents I got for my birthday. Some silicone measuring bowls and a microplane grater. I have since discovered I will not be able to live without the microplane grater – it works for garlic (I hate cleaning the garlic crusher afterwards) and does Parmesan very easily!

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