Jam doughnut cupcakes

As with many of my posts, I’ve been looking forward to making a recipe for sometime. And ever since I had a failure making doughnuts last year, I’ve wanted to have another go.
As I don’t have a fryer, I’ve had to make easy versions of doughnuts (i.e no deep frying involved!). So when I happened upon a recipe for doughnut cupcakes, I couldn’t resist! I had to wait for a suitable weekend (it was rainy today so I didn’t mind not being outside), and it wasn’t too long a wait.
The recipe was in the July 2006 issue of BBC Good Food magazine, which sadly isn’t online for me to link to.
The gist of the recipe is making a batter of flour, eggs, milk, sugar, baking powder and butter and filling muffin cases to about 2/3 full. Then adding a dollop of jam before topping with remaining batter. Very, very easy!
Here they are after 25mins in the oven:


Then, once brushed with butter and sugar sprinkled on them (I didn’t have the crushed sugar cubes the recipe called for) they looked like this:


And how they tasted? Delicious! My only criticism would be that more jam was needed but when I was adding the jam, a full teaspoon seemed too much. I’ll be more generous next time!


And for my next two posts, I’ll be writing about some savoury dishes: veggie gumbo and pea & smoked haddock tart.

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