Apple scones

I happened upon a picture of some pages of the September issue of BBC Good Food which printed out well enough for me to read (a cheating way of not buying the entire issue!). On those pages was a recipe for apple scones with blackberry compote. I didn’t make the compote but I really wanted to try the scones, as I’d not made scones before.

The recipe was simple enough: make breadcrumbs out of flour & butter. Add sugar and cinnamon (I used an apple pie spice mix of cinnamon which a friend kindly bought me from the States), then adding some diced apple. Stir in milk and then turn out onto a floured surface to cut into circles.

I think I left these in the oven a little too long and perhaps next time I make them I’ll cut the apple smaller. But here they are:


They tasted good enough on their own without clotted cream or the blackberry compote. Just a shame I only made 7!

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3 Responses to Apple scones

  1. Sarah says:

    They look yummy, and I’m glad you’ve found a use for the apple pie spice!

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