Chocolate “fondant” cupcakes

So, what does one do when you know you’re gonna be stuck in all day waiting for a courier? Bake! This weekend, knowing I’d be waiting in for a courier, I prepared myself and got ingredients for chocolate “fondant” cupcakes, another recipe from my Baking Magic book by Kate Shirazi.

I was really looking forward to this recipe, after I had tried some jam filled cupcakes at a conference I went to, and I so wanted to make somethingĀ  with a filling.

The recipe itself: super easy. All ingredients (pretty much) in a bowl and mix. If you have an electric mixer, it is MUCH easier. Sadly, I do not. So after beating by hand and two aching arms later, mixture all done and divided between 12 cupcake cases…. A short time in the oven et voila! Yummy cupcakes just waiting for a dollop of nutella to be put in the middle.

No fancy gadgets for me to get the nutella inside the cupcake, just a case of cutting out a little conical shape, dropping the nutella inside and replacing the lid! I should have made more of these. They disappeared pretty fast!

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