First ever Victoria sponge cake

Two firsts with this blog post. One, that I’m doing it via the WordPress App. Two, that I made my first proper full sized cake today.
I found a very simple recipe from BBC Good Food online which was highly rated by other readers. And you know what? It was very simple – and delicious!
I had to make the two cakes separately as my oven won’t fit two in at once. And I had to alter the cooking times as my cake tins were bigger than then 20cm diameter ones mentioned in the recipe.
Following the advice of a friend who’s mum makes lots of cake, I resisted the temptation to open the oven whilst they were cooking and only when I was sure they were done, did I open the door.
Et voila! With some butter icing and jam filing, I have my first ever Victoria sponge cake. Yum!


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