Lemon drizzle cake

I had read about the most highly rated recipe on BBC Good Food’s website a long time ago so after deciding I wanted to make it, I finally got round to it this weekend. At 692 ratings (as of today) and most of them 5 stars, it better be good!

OK, so I creamed together the butter and sugar – so far so good. Not sure I made it as light and creamy as it was meant to be, and maybe this influenced how the mixture reacted with the eggs… Now, I’m not the most experienced baker and I don’t bake often enough to know what looks right and what looks wrong. So to me, once the eggs were added, the scrambled egg type texture seemed very, very wrong.

But, to more experienced bakers, you may think this was normal.

Regardless of my worries, I persisted with adding the flour, hoping that it would all work out. And 692 people couldn’t be wrong.

After I added the flour, all was right with the world and the mixture looked all very normal. The cake baked very well, and about 30 mins into cooking, it looked like the best cake I had ever made… even colour, nice tan-brown.The middle was just not cooked.

10 minutes later in the oven, middle cooked but the topping a less than desirable darker brown. On with the glaze and left to cool for quite some time. It was hard waiting for this one to be ready, but sooo worth the wait.

Lovely lemony flavour, enough sweetness and moisture in the cake.


I’d highly recommend this recipe to anyone. Easy peasy (despite my doubts) and a lot of flavour for such little effort.

Next: I think I need to purchase an electric whisk to aid with my baking (creaming the butter and sugar would be so much easier with one!) and also some cookie cutters so I can make some scones! What is Easter for, if not for cooking?!

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3 Responses to Lemon drizzle cake

  1. Annika says:

    I was lucky enough to taste some of this yummy cake and can confirm it was delicious. So much so that I am also going to make it. And I never bake. Let’s hope mine is as good as yours!!

  2. Anneli,
    As promised, here I am commenting on your lovely food blog. 🙂 I’m a huge fan of lemon drizzle cake. I think it’s my favourite cake. My friend makes a really good one by the all-in-one method and I found the following online which worked for me: http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/4830/polly-welby-s-famous-lemon-drizzle-cake.aspx You definitely need an electric mixer for all-in-one, though. But it’s easy peasy!
    G. x

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