Aubergine and mushroom cottage pie

One thing I really wanted for Christmas was some individual pie dishes that could go both in the freezer and the oven. A wonderful friend got me some lovely ones from Lakeland (the only place to by good cookware, other than John Lewis) and this weekend I tested them out.

I’d intended to make a pie with a pastry topping, but for lack of finding one (granted, I didn’t look all that hard) I went with a mash-topped one. From Something For The Weekend, its aubergine and mushroom cottage pie by Simon Rimmer.

This recipe involved two lessons learnt: 1: piping mash onto a pie is fiddly, awkward and messy. I don’t think I’d bother again.  2: best cooking the mushrooms a bit more than leaving them just halved. Just felt like they didn’t cook enough. And they took up too much space in my pie dishes!

So, here’s the uncooked pies. Obviously the best topped one is the main picture, but you can see one just in the back which didn’t top very well at all. I did take a picture of the finished version, but sadly it came out blurred. So maybe next time… I mean, I have three of these pies in the freezer to enjoy at a later date – more opportunities to take photos of them!

A tasty recipe, but I’ve had better veggie cottage/shepherd pies – this one from BBC Good Food is especially (and surprisingly) good. Highly recommended.

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