Cauliflower cake

On my first weekend back from a holiday which involved pretty much no cooking what-so-ever, I immediately threw myself into the kitchen. It wasn’t that I had missed it whilst away – I actually had no desire to cook at all on holiday – but I just felt like I needed something home cooked, rather than from a restaurant. Never thought eating out could get so tedious! Anyway, that weekend I got back, the Ottolenghi recipe in the Guardian looked easy enough and would sort me out for lunches too. Although was called Cauliflower Cake, it was more like a big frittata, due to the number of eggs the recipe calls for!

Basically, its cauliflower, eggs, cheese, onion plus some other ingredients, and baked in a cake tin.

It was absolutely delicious! I didn’t manage to get the fresh herbs to use (rosemary) but the dried stuff seemed a good enough substitute. I also forgot the sesame seeds too, but didn’t seem to affect the overall flavour.

The only problem with this dish – I am only one person, and it serves 6. I was eating this for a long time! Tastes better warm than cold (so if for lunchbox, best bringing up to room temperature before eating) and I guess have with some salad. Yum!

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