Salsify, mushrooms and barley

After watching an episode of Masterchef: The Professionals, where one of the tests was preparing salsify, I decided I’d like to give that a go. I mean, now I’d seen about 4 chefs have a go at preparing it, so I thought its pretty easy to do. Then Ottolenghi published a salsify recipe in the Guardian Weekend so I was good to go. People have commented on how hard it is to find salsify but luckily Borough Market is just a short trip up the road, and salsify not to rare there! So, with my purchases of the salsify and wild mushrooms…

I set off making the dish… The recipe was not an easy one. First was cooking the pearl barley (30mins), then quick heating of oil and cooking the garlic and lemon.

Then, preparing the salsify and adding it straight into water with lemon so it doesn’t discolour…

Then cooking the salsify for 30mins.

THEN cooking the mushrooms. All this whilst also trying to watch Strictly Come Dancing!

And so the finished result… all that hard work and here is the result. Lovely, lovely, lovely. The salsify tasted just as it had in Ottolenghi’s when I’d tried it there and the whole dish was just great. But worth all the time and effort? Perhaps not… but still, you gotta try these things!

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