Granary bread

Today I finally got round to making bread again. I bought some granary flour ages ago (ok, not that long ago, just earlier on this year) with the aim of making a loaf, but just never got round to it. Until today – bank holiday weekend. Predictably, not a sunny weekend so a good day to be inside doing odd jobs (and making bread). I used a very easy recipe from the Good Food magazine, April 2009, which is aimed for cooking with kids – so how could I possibly go wrong?!  Just a note on this recipe – last time I made it, I thought it tasted a little too sweet – the recipe calls for honey (which the yeast uses to feed from, apparently) so this time I added a little less than called for. Not sure if it affected how the yeast acted, but hopefully it will taste less sweet.

So, on with the dough recipe; easy mixing of ingredients – I’ve learnt from previous bread attempts to add the yeast and salt separately as apparently salt can kill yeast. I kneaded this dough a fair bit – I’m not sure if you can “over-knead” but I know you can certainly “under-knead” so I err on the side of caution. Once done, it went into the loaf tin to prove for an hour or so.

Now, I’d used this loaf tin before, with this same recipe, and the results were slightly not as expected. The bread tasted fine – just an odd shape. The silicone is not strong enough to contain the dough as it rises – and instead of rising upwards, it also rises outwards! Not the prettiest looking of loaves but still edible. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of that loaf to compare to this one, so you’ll just have to imagine what I mean… So, 30mins in the oven later, et voila! One granary loaf.

You can see from this photo that the bread isn’t strictly the normal “loaf” shape – kinda squashed looking. It has spread out sideways a little – but certainly not as much as the first time I made this!

Regardless of appearances, it tasted great. Worried that it might be a bit dense and heavy, but no. It’ll go well with the home made tomato soup I’m planning on making tomorrow. I’ll make this bread again next weekend when my parents come to visit as a treat for them – freshly made bread for breakfast!

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