Strawberry and polenta cakes

Now, I came across these little cupcakes in an edition of Good Food, and despite me wanting to make some cakes from a book I’ve just purchased (Baking Magic by Katie Shirazi), I couldn’t resist making these.

It was unusual to put polenta in them, and I feared you’d be able to feel the polenta texture when eating them, but after reading the comments on BBC Good Food, I figured if all these people enjoyed them, then the polenta mustn’t be all that bad!

So the first picture shows them un-iced, but I did decide to go ahead with making the pink icing (made from crushing some strawberries into the icing sugar) and add a strawberry to a few I was taking round to a friends for dinner. They look great, but I have to say, the long you leave them, the more icing seems to get drawn up into the strawberries and they look less attractive!

But freshly made, they look good. And taste good too! Lovely bits of strawberry dotted throughout the cake… a really good way of using fruit in cakes. Happy to attempt to make these again, but now I have a whole book of cakes to try, it may take a while to come back to these polenta ones!

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1 Response to Strawberry and polenta cakes

  1. Sarah says:

    These look great! And I can’t wait to see what you make from your new book!

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