Choc chip rock cakes/biscuits

So, I’ve not done much photo-worthy cooking of late – except for a batch of the lemon and poppy seed cupcakes I made for a family BBQ – which I’ll post later. But that changed today when I came across a very old recipe for chocolate chip rock cakes from secondary school! I remember them being really very nice, and not rock like at all (except by how they looked – all craggy like little boulders). I decided to have a go – see if I could make them like I remembered – as I had all the ingredients. Now, I figured the odd substitution for a couple of the ingredients wouldn’t do any harm (muscovado sugar instead of soft brown sugar… butter instead of marg…). But I was wrong. Very wrong. The result, as you see in the photograph below, were not little craggy lumps of the rock cakes I knew but more cookie like…

And the texture… not what I remembered either. Not cookie like, not like rock cakes, but slightly more biscuity, with the crumbliness of shortbread. So they are not rock cakes, not cookies, maybe biscuits… who knows what to call them!

However, despite not turning out how I had planned (and after discussions with flatmate, I worked out the substitutions I made were the likely cause of the difference), they tasted quite good. Very, very crumbly but apparently “melt in the mouth”!

And the best thing – I got to use my new cake tin, which I recently purchased at Windsor Castle. It was so pretty, I didn’t mind spending the money on it. And it originally contained shortbread, so an extra bonus.

And, what a shame – I made too many rock cakes/biscuity things to fit in – so I needed to eat some to get them to fit! Hurrah!

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1 Response to Choc chip rock cakes/biscuits

  1. Sarah says:

    Ahh… you made chocolate chip cookies! Butter instead of marg… that’s what happened there. Still, they look pretty good, and I’m sure they tasted just as good! Love the cake tin, very nice.

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