Hello world!

Hello world, indeed! This is my very first blog post, and very first attempt at blogging… So to begin, I am intending this blog to be about food, specifically the food I make, and maybe on occasion, the food I eat. It’ll mostly be photos of the food I’m proud of, and ones that look good on camera, so the average risotto, pasta or omlette will not be on here!

To start, here are some photos of some cupcakes I made for my mum’s birthday recently.


This first picture shows the cakes, un-iced… you’ll see that they don’t look exactly like professional cupcakes – they seemed to have risen upwards and outwards, rather than just upwards – not sure why!

Next, came the icing… I’d never made icing with butter before so this was a new experiment. Luckily I had bought a piping bag only a few weeks before, so I was set to go. Unluckily I had been cheap on my piping bag, so halfway through piping, the bag burst! With the aid of my flatmate, some DuckTape and staples, I managed to ice about half of the cupcakes… until the bag completely split… I won’t show the photo of the badly iced cupcakes, but below is the final result:

Final cupcake

I was really pleased with the final result. And really, not too much effort. But my lesson is clear from this attempt:

Don’t buy a cheap piping bag!

If you want to try these yourself, the recipe is from BBC Good Food.

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